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How To Get Hired Quickly In Your Pharmacy Career

It's competitive out there for Pharmacists whether you're a new pharmacy graduate or an old timer with years of experience. The pharmacy job market is shifting as of 2021 and advanced certification is key whether in sterile compounding or other.

Employers want to see proof of certification before even considering you for employment. Once you're certified the next hurdle is quickly getting hired. I say hurdle because that's what it has become over the last few years. 

Pharmacy schools graduate at least over 10,000 pharmacists a year who flood the job market each year, not to mention other Pharmacists who immigrate to the US. So, the competition can be potentially fierce.

Think of the number of times you've uploaded your resume to the popular job search sites, applied to the listed jobs for pharmacists and.....NOTHING. What happened? 

Well, just having experience and submitting a professionally written resume in hopes the ATS (applicant tracking system) will pick your resume over others is not enough...ANYMORE! You need additional tools and strategies to implement in your pharmacy career to get noticed and called in for an interview. 

Take a look at the graphic below to gain perspective.


Yah! that's the reality. No wonder every time you apply and submit your resume it disappears into the unknown. If you've had enough stress and anxiety over your never-to-hear-back unfulfilling Pharmacist job applications then.... 

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