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Q1: What is the difference between the live, virtual and standalone online sterile compounding  course?

A1:  The live (in-person) IV certification training is held in Orlando and soon in Port St. Lucie, FL. The virtual IV certification training is 100% online.

Both the live in-person and virtual certification programs provide ce credits and certification. The VIRTUAL program provides 40 CE credits for both Pharmacists and Pharmacy techs. 

The standalone online course is self-paced and is most popular with those pressed for time, is didactic and knowledge-based and upon passing a final exam, a certificate of completion will be issued upon request.

NOTE: The standalone course does not provide CE credits or Certification.


Some employers are willing to train on the practical aspects of sterile compounding at your place of employment BUT you must first have the necessary didactic knowledge which this online course provides.

The online course also serves as a review for the Technician CSPT exam and the Pharmacist Board Certified Sterile Compounding Pharmacist exam. The course contains more information than required by the PTCB for those preparing for the CSPT exam.

The online course provides enough information to give you confidence when applying for sterile compounding jobs and to do your job effectively.

The course goes beyond the basics and will help sterile compounding personnel as well as Pharmacy managers because it touches on certain managerial aspects of sterile compounding as well, such as documentation requirements, QA, etc.

Q2: Are there any other costs with the live, virtual or online courses?

A2: For the didactic online sterile compounding  course there aren’t any other costs beyond what you pay at checkout. 

For the virtual IV certification course the textbook is extra and costs anywhere from $20-$65 or a bit more depending on the condition of the textbook and the participant is responsible for buying the book. Details about the book will be sent to your email after enrolling in the course. 

For the live (in-person) IV certification course, the required manual and training supplies are included.

Q3: Will I get a certificate?

A3: Yes. After attending the live (in-person) IV certification training and virtual IV certification training and successfully passing the validations OR after passing a final exam with a score of 75% or better for the online didactic sterile compounding course.

**Note – you must pass a final exam first before any credits and certifications are issued. Also, the exam has to be scheduled and taken at a later date after live class attendance. More details available in the emails you receive after signing up.

For the virtual IV certification program the certificate will be sent after successfully passing the final exam and the practical validation evaluations and after the participant sends back the required supplies in the prepaid box.

Q4: What format are the live (in-person) & virtual certification training courses?

A4: The live (in-person) training has an 18 hr home study portion for both Pharmacists and Techs and 2 hr live in-class portion for Pharmacists and 22 hrs live in-class portion for Techs. 

The home study portion consists of reading the manual and completing the quizzes at the end of each chapter PLUS reviewing the BONUS course you get access to. Both have to be reviewed before attending in person.

If you ONLY want training and don’t need or care about CE credits or certification then just reviewing the bonus course is required before attending the live portion.

The virtual IV certification training is 40 hrs for pharmacy technicians and  Pharmacists with the standalone didactic sterile compounding course included. You also receive access to quizzes, videos, PPE, training and evaluation supplies and a live over video evaluation of aseptic skills. Training supplies ARE included. Textbook costs extra and the participant is responsible for buying it. 

Q5: Are books included in the price?

A5: Yes & No.

For the live (in-person) certification the manual for the course IS included and required.

For the didactic online self-paced compounding course, no books required. The entire course is online. 

For the virtual IV certification the textbook is extra and the participant is responsible for buying it . (see above)

Q6: What topics does the home infusion course cover?

A6: Please click to view sample topics covered in the course.

Q7: Can you tell me what the EHR portal includes?

A7: The EHR portal contains exercises to solidify what you've learned in the sterile compounding and home infusion courses. Exercises include basic to advanced exercises such as...

  • Reviewing patient charts to determine the appropriateness of prescribed therapy
  • Order entry of IV and PO medications to a patient's chart
  • Discontinuing medications
  • Updating allergies
  • Processing a home infusion Rx that enables you to use critical thinking skills
  • Looking up drug information to determine which monitoring parameters should be taken into account
  • Determining whether a particular medication requires a patient assessment
  • And more...enhance your critical thinking skills.

Q8: What’s the difference between sterile products training for certification and sterile compounding and IV compounding certification training?

A8: Sterile products training for certification, sterile compounding certification and IV compounding certification are different terms for the same training which essentially includes training and certification for USP 797. Sometimes USP 800 hazardous drugs training is also included when discussing IV or sterile compounding or sterile products training for certification purposes. The didactic online Sterile Compounding Course includes Introductory USP 800 information.

Q9: Is this certification valid in Texas and other states that require IV certification?

A9: Yes. It is a national certification from an ACPE accredited institution and is valid in all states that require Pharmacists and Techs to be IV certified and recognized by the Texas state board of pharmacy (TSBP)

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Q10: What is the prerequisite for enrolling in the hazardous drugs certification course?

A10: Successfully completing and becoming certified in sterile compounding or previous experience.

Q11: I am a Pharmacy employer, how do I certify my pharmacists and techs in bulk?

A11: Please contact us to discuss your needs.