Q1: What is the difference between the ACPE accredited in-person, experiential virtual hybrid and standalone online sterile compounding course?

A1:  The in-person IV certification training provides 40 CE credits for Pharmacy techs & 20 CE credits for Pharmacists and is held in the following states and cities.

FLORIDA - In Orlando.

COLORADO - In Colorado Springs & Aurora.

TEXAS - In Dallas, Houston.

TENNESSE - In the Nashville area.

Both in-person and experiential virtual hybrid certification programs provide CE credits and certification.

The experiential VIRTUAL HYBRID program also grants 20 CE credits for Pharmacists and 40 CE credits for Pharmacy techs through a separate program.

The standalone updated online course is self-paced and is most popular with those pressed for time, is didactic and knowledge-based and upon passing a final exam, a certificate of completion will be issued upon request.

NOTE: The standalone updated course does not provide sterile compounding certification currently BUT does provide a certificate of completion and 20 CE credits for Pharmacy Technicians only. However, pharmacy techs must manually enter the CE credits in the PTCB portal.

The online course also serves as a review for the Technician CSPT exam and the Pharmacist Board Certified Sterile Compounding Pharmacist BCSCP exam. The course contains more information than required by the PTCB for those preparing for the CSPT exam.

The online course provides enough information to give you confidence when applying for sterile compounding jobs and to do your job effectively.

Please click here to view sample topics covered in the updated compounding course.

The course goes beyond the basics and will help sterile compounding personnel as well as Pharmacy managers because it touches on certain managerial aspects of sterile compounding as well, such as documentation requirements, QA, etc.

Q2: Are there any other costs with the in-person, experiential virtual hybrid or the other online courses beyond the price shown at checkout?

A2: None as of Sep 2023 but there could be future costs and if so, they will be shown on the checkout page. After purchase, you will get access to the online course and after you register for the appropriate program an order for the manual and supplies will be placed and sent to you directly by our contracted third party vendors.

Q3: Will I get an officially recognized certificate?

A3: Yes. After successfully completing the IV certification program including the home study and practical portions of the certification courses and completing the final evaluation AND after passing the certification exam with a score of 75% or better. 


After passing a final exam with a score of 75% or better for the online updated didactic sterile compounding course. A certificate of completion will be provided upon request. No CE credits issued except for technicians as described above.

A certificate of completion may also be requested for the home infusion course.

Q4: What topics does the home infusion course cover?

A4: Please click here to view sample topics covered in the course.

Q5: Can you tell me what the EHR portal includes?

A5: The EHR portal contains exercises to solidify what you've learned in the sterile compounding and home infusion courses. Exercises include basic to advanced exercises such as...

  • Reviewing patient charts to determine the appropriateness of prescribed therapy
  • Order entry of IV and PO medications to a patient's chart
  • Discontinuing medications
  • Updating allergies
  • Processing a home infusion Rx that enables you to use critical thinking skills
  • Looking up drug information to determine which monitoring parameters should be taken into account
  • Determining whether a particular medication requires a patient assessment
  • And more...enhance your critical thinking skills.

Q6: What’s the difference between sterile products training for certification and sterile compounding and IV compounding certification training?

A6: Sterile products training for certification, sterile compounding certification and IV compounding certification are different terms for the same training which essentially includes training and certification for USP 797. 

Q7: Is this certification valid in all states that require IV certification?

A7: YES. Generally, because it is national certification from an ACPE accredited institution with a didactic and a hands-on portion it would be valid in all states that require Pharmacists and Techs to be IV certified.

Q8: I am a Pharmacy employer, how do I certify my pharmacists and techs in bulk?

A8: Please contact us to discuss your needs.

Q9: What sort of training can I expect?

A9: The IV certification program strictly focuses on sterile compounding and the bulk of the knowledge gained is from home study which includes

  • Reviewing the online course that you get access to and the textbook (if applicable and sent directly from a third party) and attempting all the quizzes.
  • Completing the online course in it's entirety and taking the competency test.
  • Completing all the hands-on training.
  • Completing the practice lab assignments.
  • Successfully passing the final evaluation.
  • Successfully passing the final certification exam.

Q10: What is the address and next available date for the in-person program?

A10: See #13 below. Our in-person program is one on one and you would let us know after you're done with the self-paced home study and hands-on portion of the course and we would schedule the in-person evaluation at that time with an instructor at a location closest to both you and the instructor, if possible. There are no fixed dates for the evaluation. The evaluation would occur when you're ready for it after completing the home study portion.

Q11: Does the course expire?

A11: All courses EXCEPT for the certification courses offered on this website expire 6 months from the date of enrollment. To extend a course beyond the 6 months the fee will be $49/month.

The certification courses expire 12 months form the date of enrollment and to extend a certification course beyond the 12 months the fee will be $49/month.

Q12: Do you accept international students and ship internationally?

A12: Yes, however, we do not ship to all countries. Please contact us before placing an order and keep in mind a shipping charge will be assessed based on the country and there may additional costs and requirements.

Q13: What are the locations for the final evaluation in Dallas and Houston?

A13: At your compounding facility AND only if you don't currently work in sterile compounding then at the locations shown below. However, the locations may be subject to change based on various factors but you will be notified if that's the case.

Dallas: 211 North Ervay Street, Dallas, TX 75201

Houston: 5850 San Felipe Street, Houston, TX 77057

Q14: How quickly can this course be completed?

A14: If you have prior experience or work in a sterile compounding facility then it is possible to complete it in less than a week?

If you have any other questions please contact me at...mayur @ ivcompoundingtraining.com