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"How To Jump-Start Your Pharmacy Career In Home Infusion"

If you are a Pharmacist or Pharmacy Technician interested in working in a home infusion setting than this page is applicable to you. Particularly, if you want to jump-start a career in home infusion and discover practical need-to-know information about working in home infusion that cannot be found by doing a google search.

By the way, becoming certified in sterile compounding is highly recommended to increase the probability of securing employment with a home infusion pharmacy.

If you're certified in sterile compounding and have either practical or didactic knowledge about home infusion such as offered through the course on this website, you would be in a better position to apply to home infusion job listings.

Other benefits of signing up for this course

  • Gain introductory insider knowledge about the home infusion pharmacy setting.
  • Learn about home infusion pharmacy workflow.
  • Learn how to integrate and contribute starting day one.
  • Receive firsthand knowledge from an active home infusion pharmacist with over 17 years of experience in the sterile compounding field including hospital and 503b facilities.
  • I am a certified sterile compounding pharmacist, instructor, and an approved evaluator for the IV certification program which is also offered through this website.
  • I am also licensed and authorized to oversee and evaluate IV certification training.
Here are some of the topics you'll be learning in the home infusion course

-Learn about VADS (Vascular Access Devices). So you know which supplies to send with the IV medication and why you're sending those supplies.
-Learn to "think through the therapy". So no matter which drug you're dispensing you know the exact steps to take to successfully dispense the medication. It's NOT the same dispensing process as a retail or hospital pharmacy.
-See examples of cheat sheets used in a home infusion pharmacy. So you're not stumbling in the dark trying to figure out the next step in the dispensing process.
-Learn about popular infusion pumps and sets (contains pictures). So you can answer intelligently about any inquiries you receive from nurses or patients regarding a particular pump or set.
-Learn about commonly dispensed supplies and why they're dispensed (contains pictures). So you can "think through the therapy" and aren't just checking off the supplies list like a robot.
-Learn about the pharmacy workflow. So you can quickly integrate and start contributing.
-Learn about IV fluids and drugs administered via peripheral, mid and central lines and more.

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Testimonial: "I highly recommend " [The] Introductory Home Infusion Course" for those who intend to specialize in Home infusion Compounding. Very informative and well put together material. Excellent addition to Sterile Compounding Course."

Victoria P. (Pharmacist)


Testimonial: This course provided information that can not be found on the Internet. If you are looking to get into home infusion, this is the course for you. The information and knowledge I gained from this course made me a competitive candidate for my home infusion position.

Destiny B [Infusion Pharmacist]


Testimonial: The Home Infusion course was very comprehensive and easy to understand. The instructor made sure that they are giving the information in a way that won't make me confused. Thank you Mayur so much for this great course!

Mohamed A [Pharmacist]


Testimonial: The material and slides are very helpful. Mayur answered my questions thoroughly with good examples from the practical work settings.

M. Ahmed [Pharmacist]


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This is the only course that reveals practical need-to-know information that pharmacists and techs must know in order to integrate quickly into a home infusion pharmacy setting.

Learn from an IV-certified and active home infusion pharmacist with over 17 years of experience in the sterile compounding field.

Most information available online doesn't discuss the practical work-related issues pharmacists and techs need to know.

By signing up for this course you'll be saving at least 40 hours of frustration that you would otherwise experience if you were hired and had no previous practical or didactic exposure.

This course condenses most of what you'd have to learn in those 40 hrs into a neat package that takes less than 40 hrs to complete and contains ONLY need to know information without fluff.

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