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This course if bought standalone DOES NOT provide ACPE certification BUT does provide a certificate of completion AND pharmacy technicians are able to claim 20 CE credits. Technicians will have to manually enter the required information in their PTCB account to claim credit.

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Testimonial from a satisfied student

The online class was informative and educative with very useful and relevant references with recent applications. In all it was a well researched and innovatively assembled learning tool for anybody desiring to acquire knowledge and skills in sterile products compounding. The course is both theoretically and practically useful and relevant to all aspects of practice in sterile compounding and aseptic technique. O.Adeoti [Pharmacist]

No Set Starting Dates – Start Whenever You Want!
No Prior Sterile Compounding Experience Needed


This course is for…..

  • Pharmacists, Pharmacy supervisors, Pharmacy managers, Pharmacy directors & Pharmacy Technicians interested in work relevant sterile compounding knowledge that includes USP 797 and for those who wish to transition into a sterile compounding environment and integrate within it quickly.
  • Pharmacists AND Pharmacy Technicians interested in enhancing their career options.
  • Pharmacists preparing for the Board Certified Sterile Compounding Pharmacist (BCSCP) certification examination.
  • Pharmacist or Pharmacy technician in-training.
  • Pharmacy students and interns.
  • Technicians preparing to take the Certified Compounded Sterile Preparation Technicians (CSPT) Exam by the PTCB. It contains more info than required by the PTCB. (see testimonial below).
  • Pharmacy professionals who would like to receive thorough, work-relevant real-world knowledge at a budget-friendly price from an experienced IV certified Pharmacist. 
Some employers may be willing to train on the practical aspects of sterile compounding at your current/future place of employment BUT you must first have the necessary didactic sterile compounding knowledge which this online course provides. 

    Enroll today and…

    • Receive an updated (USP 797 - 2022) sterile compounding course in easy to read online format written by an IV Certified Pharmacist.
    • Free course related updates and future updates about USP 797 and sterile compounding in general.
    • Access to text content, audio summaries, quizzes and videos.
    • Access to the Pharmacist/instructor even after course completion via email.
    • Receive a certificate of completion.
    • Enhance your resume.
    • Access to a final practice competency exam.

                   Below Are 4 More Reasons To Enroll In This Course Today!

    Testimonial from a satisfied student
    “I ordered the 797 training program to assist in taking my CSPT exam.  At first I was skeptical but as I started to go through the information I was so glad that I did. The information is put together very well and very user friendly.  It covers everything that you will need for the exam. Everything provided allowed me to pass the exam on the first try.  Thank you Mayur for assembling this program and assisting on my future journey as a Pharmacy Technician.”
    Have a great day,
    Kelly Przybysz [Pharmacy Technician]


    Reason 1

    The course was written by Mayur Vibhakar Rph. An experienced and IV Certified Pharmacist with over 17 years of experience in the sterile compounding field. 

    Here is his linkedin profile that backs up his experience.


    Reason 2

    Gain insider knowledge. Mayur is an APPROVED INSTRUCTOR & EVALUATOR.

    He still works as a home infusion Pharmacist and has work experience in Hospitals, 503B FDA Regulated Outsourcing Pharmacies, Home Infusion Pharmacies, Oncology Clinics and, Non-Sterile Compounding Pharmacies.

    Rest assured, the knowledge you receive from the course is current This is an extremely important consideration when evaluating any course.

    Reason 3 

    Take the course and enhance your skillset to potentially open doors to opportunities for career advancement not only in Pharmacy but other areas of health care such as in sterility testing, quality assurance, drug manufacturing, nursing, and more.

    Reason 4 

    Minimum $1200 worth of material at a budget-friendly price of $199 (normally sold for $257) for a limited time.

    Enroll Today To Take Advantage Of This Offer!

    Testimonial from a satisfied student

    I am very much pleased to hear from you about this course. This online course is really very much informative and also useful for any other pharmacies. I learned a lot from this course. Anybody can acquire knowledge and skills about the sterile products compounding and aseptic technique from this course. My employer required a certificate of completion before they hire me and I got one from this course after passing a tough final exam. I am very much grateful for this. 

    Mariya S. [Pharmacy Technician]
    Other Benefits Of Enrolling Today! 
    • Get practical work-relevant knowledge including need to know Pharmacy math.
    • Feel confident when applying or interviewing for sterile compounding jobs.
    • No filler material, only practical need to know content.
    • Get insider knowledge about the real world of sterile compounding.
    • The course covers USP 797 and the recent Nov 2022 revisions.
    • Very affordable.
    • Significant value offered for less. 
    • Save money and gain knowledge that will help you in the real world of sterile compounding.
    • Thorough and detailed. Take notes!

                    View The Table Of Contents So You Know What To Expect


    Testimonial from a satisfied student
    Hello again Mayur! 
    I’m a technician and I was searching for some compounding training and came across your site! It was exactly what I was looking for, a way to get my foot in the door as far as compounding goes. I really appreciate the service you’re providing and am looking forward to starting the course! 
    Tiarah [Pharmacy Technician]


    5 criteria or elements you absolutely must-have in any solution you obtain

    • Find out whether the course was written by someone who actively works in the sterile compounding field.
    • Find out if the course is work-relevant and detailed? Details matter when working in Pharmacy.
    • Find out if the course covers USP 797 and if you will receive future course updates for FREE.
    • Find out if you get access to the instructor during and especially after course completion to ask about Pharmacy related questions about career, jobs, resumes etc.
    • Find out if the course will save you time and money
    I Hope You’re Beginning To See The Immense Value
    Provided At Reasonable Cost

    Testimonial from a satisfied student

    Slides were very easy to understand, yet very detailed. This course was very much worth the money and time, have been studying for about 12 hours now. Your slides are awesome! Excellent!

    Tori O. [Pharmacist]


    Self paced online sterile compounding course

    • Respond right away and YOU ONLY pay $199 for a limited time!
    • Price may increase at any time without notice. 
    • Payment plan available at checkout for the program listed above.


    To your success,

    Mayur Vibhakar Rph

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