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ACPE Accredited In-Person IV Compounding Evaluation And Certification For Pharmacists And Pharmacy Techs

Live in-person sterile compounding certification


 Complete, Affordable & Flexible ACPE Accredited In-Person IV Training Evaluation. 

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Pharmacy Continuing Education (CE) Information


Live Credit Hours: 2.0 (0.02 CEUs)
Home-Study Credit Hours: 18.0 (0.18 CEUs)
Type: Practice-based
Expiration: 7/7/2023

Pharmacy Technicians:

Live Credit Hours: 22.0 (0.22 CEUs)
Home-Study Credit Hours: 18.0 (0.18 CEUs)
Type: Practice-based
Expiration: 7/10/2023

The in-person program is available in.

FLORIDA - In Orlando, FL.

COLORADO - In Colorado Springs & Aurora.

TEXAS - In Dallas & Houston..

TENNESSE - In the Nashville area.

No Prior Sterile Compounding Experience Required

Besides the in-person hands-on training and evaluation receive thorough, work-relevant real-world knowledge from an experienced IV certified Pharmacist and feel confident when applying and interviewing for sterile compounding jobs.

  • Private one-on-one in-person hands-on sterile compounding evaluation. 
  • Practice supplies and lab assignments included
  • Receive free course related updates and free future updates directly from the instructor.
  • Get access to the instructor even after course completion via email, chat, or phone.
  • Live in-person evaluation for USP 797 with process validations. Home study manual, online course and practical training supplies included.
  • FREE access VALUED AT $257 to an online portion that contains over 240 slides of additional content written by the instructor that you won’t find anywhere else that incorporates work-relevant knowledge.
  • No "fixed" dates to attend the in-person training. We're ready when you are. Get matched with an instructor after completing the home based study. 

Here are 4 good reasons to enroll in this course today

Reason one: The online portion of the course mentioned above was written by Mayur Vibhakar Rph. This is additional BONUS content that complements the course.

Mayur is an experienced and IV Certified Pharmacist with over 17 years of experience in the sterile compounding field. See his linked in profile below that back up his experience. 


Reason two: Gain insider knowledge. Mayur still works as a home infusion Pharmacist and is an APPROVED INSTRUCTOR & EVALUATOR.

Mayur also has work experience in Hospitals, 503B FDA Regulated Outsourcing Pharmacies, Home Infusion Pharmacies, Oncology Clinics and, Non-Sterile Compounding Pharmacies.

Rest assured, the knowledge you receive from the course, the additional slides, and hands-on training is current. This is an extremely important consideration when evaluating any course.

Reason three: Take the course and enhance your skillset to potentially open doors to opportunities for career advancement not only in Pharmacy but other areas of health care such as in sterility testing, quality assurance, drug manufacturing, nursing, and more…

Reason four: Placement assistance. 

Other Benefits Of Enrolling Today!

  • The additional BONUS content also serves as a review for the Pharmacy Technician CSPT exam and Pharmacist BCSCP exam.
  • See table of contents for the bonus slides to find out what you'll learn.
  • Fit in quickly in a sterile compounding Pharmacy environment.
  • Enhance your resume.
  • Feel confident when applying or interviewing for sterile compounding jobs.
  • Learn only practical need to know content.
  • Get insider knowledge about the real world of sterile compounding.
  • The home study portion of the course covers USP 797 and introductory USP 800 content. Live in-person training covers USP 797.
  • Feel confident with your new-found skills.
  • Affordable
  • Significant value offered for less.
  • Receive a certificate of completion after successfully completing and passing all the practical process validations.

5 criteria or elements you absolutely must-have in any solution you obtain

  • Find out whether the person conducting the live hands-on training is a qualified Pharmacy professional with real-world work experience in sterile compounding?
  • Find out if the course and hands-on training is work-relevant and detailed? Details matter when working in Pharmacy.
  • Find out if the course covers BOTH USP 797 AND USP 800 and if you will receive future updates for FREE from the instructor. 
  • Find out if you get access to the instructor during and especially after course completion to ask about Pharmacy related questions relating to sterile compounding, career, jobs, resumes, etc.?
  • Find out if the course will save you time and money? Comparable courses cost at least $1000 – $2000 plus books. 

Testimonial from a satisfied student 

I had a very intense and real exposure to a real life-like atmosphere of working in a sterile environment. The exercises were relevant and reflect the kind of things I would need to know and practice in a real and actual work environment and I will recommend anybody that wants to acquire these skills to come here.

Layton. A [Pharmacist]


*The TRAINING SUPPLIES, BONUS COURSE VALUED AT $257 and instructor evaluation included.*

Payment plan available at checkout for the program listed above ONLY at the price listed above.  

Testimonial from a satisfied student 

The material and slides are very helpful. Mayur answered my questions thoroughly with good examples from the practical work settings.

M. Ahmed [Pharmacist]

To your success,

Mayur Vibhakar Rph

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