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Final Evaluation Demonstration Videos

The following videos were shot at VascoRx  with permission from Kristine Lowe PharmD Vice President of Pharmacy Operations

These videos are meant to serve as examples of the overall procedure you will be required to demonstrate for the final evaluation.

However, please refer to the text version of the procedures at https://ivcompoundingtraining.com/pages/procedures-to-follow-for-practice-and-final-evaluation which are more precise.

Also, if you received a filter straw instead of a filter needle then draw the liquid from the ampule with the straw and then remove and secure a regular needle onto the syringe and inject in the appropriate. Inject all ingredients into the TPN bag for the final evaluation. For everything else use the NaCl 100 mL bag.

NOTE: Most infusion and hospital Pharmacies have a cleanroom suite where the ante-area is attached to the cleanroom separated by a door yet they are considered separate. Each with its’ own HEPA filtration system. 

Garbing, Handwashing & Sterile Gloving Procedure

Hood Cleaning Procedure

Prepping Supplies Before Compounding

Aseptic Technique Demonstration Using Supplies From The Final Evaluation Kit